Types of Facelifts in Thailand

Full Facelifts in Bangkok, Thailand are among the most popular types of cosmetic surgery. In recent times, the advancement of technology has significantly improved the quality and success rates of facelifts in Thailand.
Here are the techniques used by Thai surgeons in reversing the effects of ageing.
Liquid Facelift
This is a non-invasive technique used to remove crease and folds on the skin. It is a smart method of preventing or delaying the need for facial surgery. The doctor injects a filler liquid in the affected area to correct the defects mentioned above.

Jaw Line Rejuvenation
This procedure is used to restore the shape of the area between the upper neck and the jaw. The surgeon removes excess fat under the neck using liposuction techniques. This fat can be used as a filler to shape the sunken areas of the face. It is worth noting that no skin is removed in this procedure.

Mini Facelift
This is a less invasive alternative to the full facelift. The surgeon makes small incisions along the hairline. These allow the doctor to remove excess fat and tighten the skin, improving the appearance of the neck and jowls. The results are less prominent than those of a full facelift.

The mid-facelift is useful in aligning the cheek area. The surgeon makes small incisions in the area above the ears abs around the mouth. The openings allow the doctor to tighten the skin and reposition the fat tissues.

Cutaneous Lifts
Cutaneous facelifts correct defects around the lower face and the neck. The doctors make incisions around the ear and the hairline. The surgeon removes the extra skin and stretches the remaining before stitching it. The effects of this procedure last for a short time than other facelifts.

Full Facelifts
The full facelift is ideal for people seeking to correct extensive facial ageing. Incisions are made around the ears, the hairline, and below the chin. The surgeon then removes the excess skin and fat tissues. After this, the skin is tightened, and stitches are applied to close the incisions. The average recovery period from full facelift surgery is two weeks.

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