Feline Wellness

It’s the Healthy Choice! Keeping unwanted cats out of already crowded shelters is the most talked about reason. BUT DID YOU KNOW: Having your cat spayed or neutered can benefit their physical and mental health? It decreases your cat’s risk of cancer and makes your cat less temperamental and more affectionate to you and your family. We recommend all cats (male or female) to be surgically altered by the age of 5-7 mont As time passes and your cat grows older, the gradual onset of disease often goes unnoticed. Early detection of health problems is very important as it is costly and more difficult to treat an advanced disease. Because of this, it is important to schedule routine wellness visits for your friend.

A wellness visit includes:

A thorough physical exam

Annual Vaccinations: FVRCP, Rabies, +/- FeLV (for outdoor cats)
Fecal Exam
+/- Blood Tests
+/- Urinalysis
+/- X-Ray
Feline Wellness

These are important to detect and treat :

Blood Disorders
Kidney Disease
Liver disease
Infectious diseases
Thyroid disease
Metabolic diseases
The promotion of quality cat health care through a specially designed wellness program can add years of vitality and extend your cat's life.


Physical Exam    Twice a Year
Fecal Exam    Twice a Year
Basic Vaccines    Once a Year
Heartworm/Flea/Worm Control (Revolution®)    Once a Month
Ear Cleanings    Once a month
Fur / Hairball Control    Regularly
Skin / Coat Care    Regularly
Spay / Neuter    At 5-7 Months Old