Welcome to the Aurora C At Clinic

The Doctors and staff of Aurora C at Clinic welcome you to our growing list of satisfied clients. We appreciate this opportunity to serve you.Our mission is to provide high quality medical and surgical care for you at prices which you can afford. to achieve our mission, we want to become as familiar as possible with you.  If you ever have any suggestions or questions about any of our services, policies or fees, we will be happy to discuss them with you. 

Our Message & Mission Statement

Our dedicated approach focuses on the total health of each indiviudual. Our strong belief in client education enables us to provide the best medical and surgical care within the emotional and financial capabilities of each individual client.

Auora C at Clinic is a full service hospital, comfortable environment,  We offer the following services for all of our feline patients: Medicine. Surgery. Dentistry. X-rays. Diognostics.Prescription foods. Boarding



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